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* Customers? - Everything else comes next.
* Commitment ? - Only way of Life.
* Solution ? - Strive and strive until you succeed.
* Customer Satisfaction ? - Our only business satisfaction.

Company Profile
H. Vinodrai Texmach Pvt. Ltd. is a star supplier of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Spares for Schlafhorst (AutoConer series) winding machines in India and abroad.

We started way back in 1965 under the banner of H. Vinodrai & Co., a small partnership firm, manufacturing and selling spares for Barber Colman winding machines to various Textile Industries. We specialized in offering common as well as rare spares, developed and manufactured many spares with same quality and specifications as original and earned a very high reputation as a star supplier from our more than 50 Textile Manufacturers all over India. In fact we were major supplier to M/s Batliboy & Co., India who were sole distributors for Barber Colman Inc., USA for indigenous supply of large no. of such spares.

Over the years with obsolescence of B.C. winding machines, Schlafhorst's AutoConer series machines became most popular in Textile industries in India. Our rich experience with B. C. winding machines showed us a way to become leader in supplying all requirements for Schlafhorst AutoConer Models 338, 238/147, 238/146 and 138.

To-day we take a pride of becoming a company where people approach with more confidence of success than most other people in this field. Our success rate in repairing is very high and make our customers save on replacement cost.

We manufacture many different types of Mechanical spares for Schlafhorst AutoConers. For those spares which are not made by us (including Electrical and Electronic items), we source them from renowned manufacturers of good quality and stock. On special request, we source any item which is not in our present list of stock.

We hope we will be able to satisfy all your requirements for Schlafhorst AutoConers. Please contact us and give us an opportunity to serve you.